ShearPro Mixing Tools

Only ShearPro offers three different classes of mixing tools that are completely interchangeable.  This allows the ShearPro to produce the perfect amount of mixing energy, and precisely match your exact mixing requirements.  This results in better product quality, reduced production times, and less energy use.
  • UltraShear class of mixing tools are characterized by having many teeth, and up to four rows of teeth on the rotor and stator, providing maximum shear, and lowest flow. Four different mixing tools are available in the UltraShear class.
  • Pulsor mixing tools are characterized by having a pumping rotor, and stator with teeth. They will provide moderate shear, and medium flow capacity. Two Pulsor mixing tools are available.
  • ExoShear mixing tools are characterized by a four bladed impeller, and stator with holes. They provide maximum flow rate. This line has three different mixing tools available.


 Model Flow Rate GPM* Power Solid Inlet/Liquid Inlet/ Outlet
SP 1004 1/3/10 3 hp 1"/0.75"
SP 1005 5/20/75 7.5 hp 2"/1.5"


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